Find My Scaffolder

Phase 1 Requirements
Cambridge Scaffolding Ltd required a website that acts as a quotation retrieval system between a potential customer and multiple scaffolding businesses. The customer should be able to specify their location and provide information regarding property measurements, type of job and any specific requirements. The customer should also be able to upload photographs to aid with the quotation.

Once the quotation has been specified, any businesses that are active subscribers and are registered within the location will be emailed with the requirements. The email will contain a link which when opened will direct the user straight to a page containing the requested quotation. From here a response can be given directly to the potential customer.

Businesses should be able to register with the website and subscribe per area to receive quotation requests. Payment for subscriptions should be collected monthly.

Phase 2 Requirements
Scaffolding Supply Quotation.
End-User  – Customer will be able to select from a list of scaffolding supplies and the quantity which will be listed for register scaffolding companies to contact the user with a price.
Back End User – The ability to manage scaffolding equipment, including creating new categories, items, item images and the ordering of items.

Phase 3 Requirements
Scaffolding Companies Portfolio. To add classified style directory for scaffolding companies including the ability to list company overview, logo, contact details as well as a photo gallery of previous work completed.

Scaffolding Vehicle Classifieds and Scaffolding Pre-Owned Equipment Classifieds.
The ability to list vehicles and equipment in a classified format, where the user can contact the seller via the website regarding the item that is listed.