School Life

School Life was originally conceived to help bring a community together by bridging the communication gap.

We at Freecom have thoughtfully created an ecosystem that promotes and simplifies the process of passing information from one to another, be that Governor, Head, Teacher, Parent/Guardian, Pupil or the wider community.

With an ever-growing Social Media driven audience, it is important for Schools to communicate and portray a message that is accurate, timely and ‘on point’ throughout all of its communication channels We also, with the input and valuable feedback from Teachers and Parents alike, have created an environment that not only showcases individual Schools but also makes sure that information is securely and precisely transmitted to the intended recipients.

We canvased several Schools and were advised that on average, a School could spend in the region of £1000 per year on SMS (text messaging) alone, then factor in costs of outdated printed media and with it its environmental impact. However, the biggest factor was and always will be within a School, time!

Not only the time taken for an individual to put together notifications and news articles, but also time as in the length of time a piece of information remains pertinent. We all have structure and plans we adhere to on a day-to-day basis, however, there will always be ‘curve balls’ thrown at you, where you need an action or re-action in the shortest time possible.

Not every School has an App, not every School has a dedicated website, this may be due to financial constraints or constraints of resources to manage these.

Again, Freecom came up with a system that not only relays the view that Schools are forward-thinking, but also saves them money on existing solutions and finally and most importantly, free up time to concentrate on the most important role of being the people on the ground, the educators and infrastructure of the community.

So with more than 2 decades of technology experience behind us, Freecom launched its School Life platform back in 2015 with the vision to create a complete communication solution that was easy to use. Although we had plenty of ideas for what school life could do, bringing communication solutions to schools was our primary goal, ensuring we created a system that was flexible enough for all types and sizes of school.

Whether a school has a brand to communicate or a message or service to advise it was clear to us that the future was school life!

During a brainstorming session in 2013, after receiving several requests from local schools about ‘mobile compatible’ websites we came up with a challenging plan for our talented in house developers to take this request a step further. Our challenge was to create a system that was super simple for schools to use but also hugely powerful in its capabilities and be supported in several formats.

It was 18 months in the making, with several beta systems and lots of consumer testing which culminated in the School life platform being released and put live.

It wasn’t long – due to high demand – that we had to create a team to respond to the growth of the platform, from the mobile support team and consultants to the mobile platform developers it has truly been a success story!

Current School Life features;

  • Fully optimised website
  • Native app for iOS and Android smart devices
  • Unlimited push messaging
  • Unlimited email communications
  • Easy user management
  • Drag and drop content management system
  • Global calendar management system
  • Newsletter creator and distribution system
  • Class/Group management system
  • Simplified News notification system
  • School Blog system
  • Advanced surveys
  • Interactive homework
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Teaching resources
  • Club booking system
  • Parent evenings
  • Sports coach search
  • All managed within one user-friendly portal!