Senior Leadership Team

Jon Soden-Geer

C.E.O of Commercial and Corporate

I have always been an approachable and positive person. Everything I do is for my family, my fiancée Sarah, daughter Brooke and son Max.

We all love spending time together going to see motor racing, eating out, holidays together, in fact anything we can do that we all enjoy we try our very best to do as many as possible.

I train in the Gym every night and used to be a contestant in local Strong Man competitions each year. I have now retired but I continue to enjoy powerlifting now and the social side of training..

Mike Geer

C.E.O of Educational Services

First, I believe that family is key, not only my wife, two daughters, our dogs and our wider families, but also our Freecom family and our School Life family.

Along with my brother I am co-owner of Freecom Internet Services Ltd.

I enjoy travel especially in the UK, my family and I like to visit and stay in the many beauty spots scattered around the UK, we enjoy the authentic and not so much the tourist traps. One of our goals is to spend several weeks in our VW camper touring Scotland, especially the NC500.

Richard Jones


I’m proud to be from the Black Country and to be a part of Freecom helping local, national and international business clients to achieve their potential with an online presence

I have a young family of 4 boys and a loving and hardworking wife. In my spare time I’m a bit of a gamer and love playing pool with friends in local pubs and pool halls

Adam Sparry

Technical Director

I’m a very friendly, outgoing person who enjoys spending time with friends and family.I enjoy spending weekends away with my partner Sarah, as well as looking forward to holidays each year with our groups of friends.

I particularly enjoy settling down to watch films with a good takeway.

Andy Taylor

Director of Digital Strategy

I’m a father of two beautiful daughters – I’m legally bound by a father daughter thing to say that! I’m also the carer of a strange furry thing called Toffee, who likes to ride around the house on my shoulder..The cat.

Apart from the more usual interests of reading and movies, I love cooking. Nothing like a professional, but I have graduated up to not burning water.

My daughters now live with their respective partners, not because of food poisoning I might add! So, it’s lovely catching up with them whenever possible – meeting up for a drink, eating out or just staying in.

Having more time on my hands now I have recently taken up photography again. Something I did years ago, but when you have a family certain things get left by the wayside.

I can often be found in the kitchen sketching in a note pad while waiting for something in the oven. In fact, despite it being the digital age, I’m still a compulsive pencil and paper user – you name it, lists, notes, sketches!

As well as sketching, I have been known to paint on occasion. Another love is the outdoors, whether walking the hills, countryside, coast or woodlands, I’m happy in any of them – with the right clothing, rain or shine!

I’m lucky to have some close friends, and of course my wider family who I get together with whenever the opportunity arises.

Luke Passmore

Senior Developer

A full stack software developer creating unique user experiences as a specialist in web, mobile & SaaS products. Passionate about utilising relevant programming languages to create hybrid and progressive programs.

I am a full stack software developer creating unique user experiences as a specialist in web, mobile & SaaS products. I/m really passionate about utilising relevant programming languages to create hybrid and progressive programs.

More recently, I have been working on a variety of historical projects for a range of SME, SaaS and enterprise clients including web apps, mobile apps, API integrations and desktop/embedded solutions.

Sarah Newman

Executive Account Manager

I am a friendly, outgoing and confident person, I am a mom to my two children Max 14 and Brooke 12, finacee to Jon and we have 3 dogs, a chihuahua called Rudy another chihuahua called Betty and a big huge dopey Rottweiller called Frank.

As a family we spend a lot of time walking the dogs, spending time with extended family and a good film night on a weekend. We are a holiday loving family as it means we get to spend lots of quality time together.

I also spend a lot of time with my mom since we lost my dad, I manage the daily running of the household bills, shopping and anything she needs help with around the house and garden. I love spending time with my mom.

I have recently joined a gym with a personal trainer and I am absolutely loving it. Jon and I also have a very active social life, we have some very close friends who when we can enjoy a Saturday night together.

Michelle Geer

Educational Area Manager

I am married with two children one is 19 years and the other is 12. We enjoy going away in our campervan exploring new places. We have also have two rescue dogs which we love to take away with us. I like to read and watch various genres of film and TV box sets. I also enjoying gardening. I have many friends that I love to socialise with and eating out.